About Angela

Angela Donovan BCSI, an Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Practitioner is one of only 63 Structural Integration Practitioners in the UK. She will be offering sessions here a couple of days per month possibly more.

Structural Integration is a hands on therapy that aims improve posture and movement by bringing a persons structure back into natural length and alignment. This is done by a series of sessions that build correct structural building blocks of skeletal support:
  1. Functional balanced feet that allow for correct knee function.
  2. Legs that are equally balanced allowing freedom of movement whilst supporting the pelvis.
  3. A ribcage with natural lift and ease of breath, shoulders that drape naturally allowing arms and hands to connect with the World.
  4. Finally a neck and head that rest easily on top of the spine.
You can find more information & reviews about her on google  and her own website:
Angela is happy to receive calls or texts from you if you would like to discuss anything before booking a session.
Her contact details are:
Mobile/whats app 07950 028 016